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The best prevention against falls-related injuries.

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Fifteen hundred dollars a second!


Six million dollars an hour!


One hundred forty million dollars a day!


These amazing figures represent the direct and indirect costs for fall related injuries. Of them, over two and a half million older adults are being treated in emergency departments and over seven hundred thousand of them need to be hospitalized.


Seventy eight percent of fall deaths are due to traumatic brain injuries

and injuries to the lower extremities. Hip fractures are the most serious

fall-related fractures. Just think: over seven hundred and ten hip fractures a day in America alone.


Seventy eight percent of their direct costs are being reimbursed by Medicare and most of the rest by all the other health insurance companies.

Our Weightless Walker is the answer to stop that preventable suffering and massive economic hemorrhage.


We agree that the official publications make a lot of sense, when they state the “Four key fall-prevention strategies are: exercising regularly, having medications reviewed to reduce side effects and interactions, having yearly eye examinations, and reducing fall hazards in the home”. They really make a lot of sense, but we are convinced that the best preventive measure for this plague is the usage of the Weightless Walker. Even if the person faints, falls asleep, or stumbles over, while being seated safely on the Weightless Walker, this device will not let him/her fall to the floor.



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